Being in the dancing industry or partaking in active sporting activities that involve a pole, might come with certain ‘gripping’ challenges. Having dry or oily skin can be a struggle, especially when trying to perform poling tricks. This may interfere with pole practice sessions and performances. As a result, the pole industry offers different solutions in the form of lotions, liquids, oils, and sprays. This is what we call pole grips. 


What are pole grips?

Pole grips are gripping agents that contain a unique formula that increases the tension or ‘grip’ on your skin. They do this by regulating sweat and moisture levels on the skin, which may be a result of several factors such as temperature, strength or skin type. Grips work well for both beginners and intermediate polers in need of a training aid for either hands, body or both. These agents allow you to focus on technique and form without having to worry about slipping on and off the pole. They are great to use when learning new and complex moves.This is where the Dancing Dust Range comes in handy.


What to consider when choosing a pole grip?

First and foremost one needs to answer the following questions. Are you fighting sweat and oily skin or do you lack moisture? It is possible that your skin can contain more moisture in some areas than others. If this is the case it is important to identify these areas and choose a pole grip that gives you that happy medium. Consider the environment or climate you will be using the pole in. Is it hot or cold? This will determine how your skin type sticks on to the pole. How strong is your grip? It is common for beginner pole dancers to lack strength in their hands.


Why choose Dancing Dust Body Shimmer pole grip products?

Dancing Dust pole grips are handmade by a pole dancer for pole dancers. These grips are carefully designed to cater to all gripping-related issues and needs. Each of the products contains a formula enriched with a pole aid consisting of biodegradable glitter and amazingly delicious scents. Most importantly it is vegan, suitable for all those looking to use clean and organic products.

The “Make Me” range is the best seller, with its main contenders being ‘Make Me Dusty’- for normal to sweaty skin and ‘Make Me Dewy’ - for normal to extra dry skin. This is  available in 2 formulas. The first one is light – water-based with glycerin. The second is extreme - which dries faster and contains tacky ingredients. This formula is best on poles made from chrome, stainless steel, brass, and titanium. 

Take a look at our website and find the products that will best suit your needs. Our pole grips come in a variety of scents, sizes, textures and powders and lastly we ship worldwide!