Dancing dust body shimmer to the rescue!!  Check for your answer here otherwise feel free to contact me via email info@dancingdustbodyshimmer.com

What can i use on my hands?

Make Me Dusty is for hand & body use.

Which product is for dry skin?

Make Me Dewy is a body grip for normal to dry skin, moisturising and creating tack. Dewy powder can be used in small amounts on dry skin also. It is made up of waxes which melt when friction is applied.

Which product is for sweaty skin?

Make Me Dusty & Dusty powder is for normal to sweaty skin with drying ingredients.

Can i order from AU or UK site?

Yes! Both stores will ship to you country. You can only order from one site per order but its a great option if your products are not in stock on one of the sites.

How long will my Dancing Dust pot last me?

If used 1-2 times per week 6 months+

            2-5 times per week 3-6 months

            Everyday 1-3 months

Times are dependant on amount of product applied.

Are the Dancing Dust products Eco friendly?

All of Dancing Dusts packaging and the product itself are recyclable, reusable or biodegradable.

Are all ingredients vegan friendly?

Yes! Any questionable ingredients which you think are not vegan are synthetic biodegradable substitutes and not derived from animal products. Get in touch if you require a detailed ingredients list.

How long will delivery take?

Please allow 1-2 days for dispatch and 7-21 days shipping time with Australia post, express orders take 1-2 days to arrive once dispatched. 

International standard shipping times are estimated between 10-35 days depending on your location. All full size Dancing Dust products shipping are tracked to ensure it reaches you safely. 

How do I open my Dancing Dust pot?

You may receive your Dancing Dust either deconstructed or as a unit which needs deconstructing before use. Please follow the instructions as per your box state. 

  1. Remove lid, puff and sifter. 
  2. Remove sifter by using pinch fingers and pulling alternating on either side until sifter is free. 
  3. Take out your Dancing Dust packet, cut and empty into the bottom of the pot. 
  4. Replace sifter. Make sure you put the sifter in the correct way as shown in picture 4 

Then you’ve got to fluff your puff and you're ready to go. 

How do i cancel my order?

Should you need to cancel or amend your purchase, please contact us within 2 hours of placing your order via email, Instagram direct message or Facebook messenger.


Order not arriving and return of items

  • If your order doesn't arrive - Please do contact us asap if you do not receive your parcel, and definitely within 28 days of placing your order, so that we are able to submit a claim on your behalf. If you make a claim outside of this period then it will not be accepted by the delivery company and, unfortunately, we will be unable to replace your order.

  • If you use free shipping option and then you return items - If you select the free shipping option for orders over £45 and then return items taking them below this threshold, please note that a £3.49 shipping charge will be deducted from the total amount you will be refunded.