"This is the perfect way to work out what grip will work best for you."

Dancing Dust Body Shimmer Sample pole grip Tester Packs

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Unsure whether it will work for you?

Want to try it before you buy the big one?

Yes!!! Well, it's here. Get your mini samples of Dancing Dust Body Shimmer Dewy, Dusty, Dazzle, Make me Dewy Light and Extreme to try or Make Me Dusty so your next decision can be made easy. 

Hand made 🖐

Vegan friendly 🌳

Cruelty-free 🐇

A quick rundown

  • Dewy is a scented powdered shimmer with pole aid for normal to dry skin. It has Soy and paraffin wax particles which soften when friction is applied, creating a tack on the skin that drier skin lacks. This will also work well on lightly perspiring skin.
  • Dusty is a scented powdered shimmer with pole aid for normal to sweaty skin. It has Calcium carbonate (chalk), clays, silica, and rosin for absorption and grip and salicylic acid helps fight those pimples that sweaty skin loves to have.
  • Dazzle is a scented powdered shimmer for any glitter lover. Keeping you sparkly and fresh for whatever occasion.
  • Make me Dewy is a liquid pole aid with shimmer for normal to dry skin. It comes in 2 formulations. Formula L/Light is water-based and Formula X/Extreme is alcohol-based. Both will help to moisturise and give you a grip on the pole. Available in larger sizes are 6 different colours and scents.
  • Make Me Dusty is a hand and body grip for normal to sweaty skin.



You can either sprinkle in your hands and rub together then distribute. Or sprinkle directly on the body part desired and spread with a clean makeup brush. Get ready for some seriously sparkly hands.

Full-size Dancing Dust comes with an applicator for perfect distribution.


A pole aid for Dry/Extra Dry skin with biodegradable glitter.

Shake well before use. Spray on body parts needing grip and leave to dry. Around 10-20 seconds. Then pole away.


What you get...

Make Me Dusty pack - 4x 5ml Make Me Dusty (random mix)

Full Sample Pack - 1x 2g Dewy 1x 2g Dazzle 1x 2g Dusty  1x 2.5 Formula L/Light formula (Silver) 1x  2.5ml Formula X/Extreme formula (Gold) 1x 5ml Make Me Dusty(random)

Powder Pack - 1x 2g Dewy 1x 2g Dazzle  1x 2g Dusty 

Dazzle Pack - 1x 2g Dazzle Dark 1x 2g Dazzle Light

Make me Dewy Pack - 1x 9ml Formula L/Light formula 1x 9ml Formula X/Extreme formula (random mix) 

Note: Colours will be a random mix. The products can be layered for more intensity. 

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