"Best body glitter ever! I got the starter kit over a year ago and I’ve only just purchased the refill now this will last forever couldn’t recommend it enough!"

Dancing Dust Refill powder packs

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Still, love your Dancing Dust pot but crave more dust? Grab yourself a refill only packet to keep you sparkling. 

Available in 2 sizes



Hand made 🖐

Vegan friendly 🌳

Cruelty-free 🐇

A quick rundown

  • Dewy is a scented powdered shimmer with pole aid for dry skin. It has Soy wax and paraffin wax particles which soften when friction is applied, creating a tack on the skin that drier skin lacks. This will also work well on lightly perspiring skin.
  • Dusty is a scented powdered shimmer with pole aid for sweaty skin. It has Calcium carbonate (chalk), clays, silica, rosin for absorption, and grip. Salicylic acid helps fight those pimples that sweaty skin loves to have.
  • Dazzle is a scented powdered shimmer for any glitter lover. Keeping you sparkly and fresh for whatever occasion.

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