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Dewy Body shimmer with pole grip aid - Normal to dry skin

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A Body Shimmer that makes you glow and sparkle like never before.

Beautifully scented and the added bonus of having a tacky feeling for additional pole aid. A great addition to showcases and competitions.

Hand made 🖐

Vegan friendly 🌳

Cruelty-free 🐇

Application: Tip Dancing Dust pot upside down with body puff still in place. Swipe product all over your body, focusing more product on your body parts needing grip. 

Make sure you warm yourself and your pole before applying.

Tips and tricks:

  • Apply to clean dry skin.
  • Will work well with dry or very light perspiring skin.
  • Be sure to moisturise skin when not poling especially in colder climates.
  • The tackiness increases when friction is applied. There needs to be heat present for the ingredients to activate.
  • Use your favourite pole grip on your hands and Dancing Dust on your body.
  • This product will not work well with freshly moisturised or sweaty skin.
  • Try smaller amounts initially until you've found the desired amount needed for your skin when pole dancing.
  • Works slightly better on brass than chrome


Light - For paler toned skin or great if you want only sparkle.

Dark - For medium skin wanting a bronzed look or for darker-toned skin wanting sparkle.




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